EACVA’s International Business Valuation conference in Berlin brought together more than 300 business valuation professionals, corporate financing and tax consultants, analysis, controllers, lawyers and academics from around the world. As a speaker at the conference, BlueVal’s Partner Antonella Puca provided an overview of recent trends in the valuation of private equity and venture-backed companies. Antonella discussed how the expansion of money supply has helped sustain valuations in the PE and VC markets during the pandemic and beyond. She provided an overview of the recent U.S. SEC Private Fund rules with a focus on Valuation and discussed 10 PE/VC current valuation challenges, including the effect of anti-dilution rights on valuation, how to roll forward the indication of value provided by a sale round, how to treat “excess cash” in the valuation of an early stage company, how to use the backsolve option pricing method to value Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs) and how to address special challenges in the valuation of cross-border EU/US M&A. A copy of the slide deck of Antonella’s presentation is available upon request.