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BlueVal Group LLC is a provider of business valuation services with a specialty in the valuation of interests in privately-held companies in the United States.

BlueVal Group LLC provides valuations for financial reporting, M&A transactions and business sales, partnership buyouts and buy-sell agreements, litigation support, IRC 409A, estate and gift taxes.

With an efficient cost structure, an extensive research database and advanced technology tools, our accredited professionals offer high quality and timely valuation services at competitive fees.



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Valuation of Investments

We provide independent portfolio valuations and valuations of investments in private companies at fair value under ASC 820 (U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and IFRS 13 (International Financial Reporting Standards). We help investment companies establish and maintain investment valuation policies and procedures that are in compliance with accounting and regulatory standards. We prepare and review fair value disclosures for financial reporting purposes.

Partnership Buyouts and Buy-Sell Agreements

Partner buyouts and buy-sell agreements are commonly triggered by events such as the death or retirement of a partner. We provide an independent valuation assessment to help establish the value that one partner would pay to buyout another partner’s share of the business on a triggering event under the terms of a buy-sell agreement, and/or to resolve disputes among partners.



M&A Transactions and Business Sales

We work closely with companies in business valuations related to purchase price allocations (PPA) for M&A transactions for U.S. tax and financial reporting purposes. For owners that are selling their business, we provide business valuations that can help make an informed decision about the viability and timing of the sale.


We provide accredited valuation reports that estimate the current value of your company's stock at fair market value and that help you establish the exercise price of your stock options to fulfill IRS requirements under IRC 409A. Our valuations consider the unique aspects of your company and the qualitative factors that impact value in conjunction with the application of option pricing models.


valuation for Estate and Gift Taxes

We provide professional accredited third-party business valuation reports of business interests at fair market value to be filed along with Estate and Gift Tax returns. Our valuations are conducted by qualified appraisers under IRS requirements and adhere to the valuation guidelines established under Revenue Ruling 59-60 for gift and estate tax purposes.


We assist shareholders and investment funds in disputes related to the valuation of interests in privately-held companies. We are prepared to testify about opinions in court or in hearings as expert witnesses. In a marital dissolution, we will work with both parties to resolve a valuation dispute and/or we will provide expert testimony for one of the parties in equitable distribution matters.



Our Advantage


Efficiency and competitiVe fees

We provide competitive fees and a full commitment to complete our independent business valuation reports in a timely manner in light of business, audit and regulatory compliance goals.

Technology and research

We leverage off advanced valuation technology and research tools to make the modelling and data gathering/analysis process more efficient.






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Managing Director
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