BVR Webinar - International Valuation Standards Council Guidance and Recent Trends in the Valuation of Early Stage Companies

In this webinar, Rafael Le Saux, Vice Chair of the Luxembourg Valuation Professional Association (LVPA), Douglas Summa, Vice Chair of the Financial Instruments Board of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), and BlueVal’s Partner Ant… Read More

OIV X International Business Valuation Conference, Bocconi University, Milan: Critical Issues in the Valuation of Early Stage Companies

BlueVal’s Partner Antonella Puca was featured in the X International Business Valuation Conference organized by the Organismo Italiano di Valutazione (OIV). Her fellow presenters included Mario Massari, Fondazione OIV; Douglas Summa, International… Read More

Valuation Trends in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Markets: Presentation at the 2023 EACVA International Business Valuation Conference in Berlin, Germany

EACVA’s International Business Valuation conference in Berlin brought together more than 300 business valuation professionals, corporate financing and tax consultants, analysis, controllers, lawyers and academics from around the world. As a speaker… Read More

Valuation of General Partner’s Carried Interest: Presentation at the CPA California Chapter

on May 6, 2023, Antonella Puca, Partner at BlueVal, and Ben Towne of Towne Advisory Services presented on the “Valuation of General Partner’s Carried Interest” at the CPA California Chapter in Marin County. Carried interest and asset manager bu… Read More

BlueVal's Partners Publish "Early Stage Valuation: A Fair Value Perspective" — (Wiley Finance)

On June 1, 2020, Wiley published “Early Stage Valuation: A Fair Value Perspective.” The book, authored by Antonella Puca, provides accurate, up-to-date information on recent guidelines and new approaches for valuation assessments. Andreas Dal San… Read More

BVR Webinar Series: Option Pricing Models in Early Stage Valuation: Practical Insights

The category of early-stage companies includes startup companies, which have an initial concept, design, or business plan but, not an actual product, as well as multibillion-dollar companies with significant revenue and operations that have yet to re… Read More

BVR Webinar Series: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: Practical Insights for Valuation Professionals

SPACs have been used as a vehicle for management to take companies public. The valuation of SPAC shares and warrants often requires the use of more complex statistical techniques such as option pricing models and Monte Carlo simulation and a detailed… Read More

Valuation of SPAC Securities: Challenges and Solutions – Webinar – AICPA

Antonella Puca, Partner at BlueVal and Justin Kuczmarski, MB, CPA, CVA provide an overview of the valuation of SPAC securities in light of current SEC guidance and the U.S. GAAP fair value principles. Link to Webinar Read More

Unicorns, Fair Value and Interpreting PE Fund Performance – Conexus Financial – Podcast Series

In Episode 51, Alex Proimos speaks with Antonella Puca, BlueVal’s Partner and author of Early Stage Valuation. This episode discusses the role of the income, asset-based and market approaches for listed and unlisted companies in the current environ… Read More

VR Webinar Series: Case Studies in Contingent Consideration

A significant component of the transaction price in an M&A or buyout transaction often consists of proceeds that are “contingent” upon the target company’s achievement of certain performance targets after the closing has taken place. From t… Read More